Foreigners in Hainan | Quinten from the Netherlands: try to bring the green nature to urban life

In order to better promote the important news information of Hainan Free Trade Zone and the free trade port with Chinese characteristics to the world, improve international communication and connect Hainan with the world, This is Hainan, the English news channel of, launches Hainan's first Chinese-English bilingual online video program "Foreigners in Hainan". The video program will share the stories of foreigners living, working and studying in Hainan with the platform of internet.


Quinten, a young man from the Netherlands, has been in Hainan for three and a half years. In April 2018, he founded the XUMI Technology Center in Hainan, a company specializing in the development and production of intelligent plant maintenance products. The company's first product is “Yangqi” smart vertical garden, which uses intelligent hardware as a carrier to help users create their own green living space.

According to Quinten, founder and CEO of XUMI Technology, the product of the "Yangqi" smart vertical garden consists of eight small boxes in the shape of a honeycomb, in which plants grow in each box. The circuit is connected to the flower boxes to control the water tank and the water storage capacity of each flower box. The beauty of it is that it can create any environment into a green living environment. It only takes five minutes every month to fill the water tank, and the whole system will be updated automatically.

Quinten comes from the Netherlands with pure air, green mountains and water. He grew up in a farm and he is very interested in the nature.

"When I was young, I didn't want to live on the farm, I want to live in the city. But when I moved to the city, I felt that I was far away from the nature, sitting in the house, looking at the blank wall, I felt nothing, so I think, If I can design a product that can take care of the plants, that is why I created 'Yangqi',”said Quinten.

Quinten also said that in Hainan, he feels like living in the nature, there are blue sky and fresh air every day. "I like Hainan very much, because it is an island, the Europeans dream of living on the island. I can go to the rainforest, I can explore different kinds of plants and local small animals. I can go surfing or snorkeling. For the Europeans, living on the island is a dream."


With the continuous development of Hainan Free Trade Zone, Quinten hopes that more talents will come to Hainan, bring new ideas and technologies to make our life better.

"Hainan is now at an amazing opportunity, which is the construction and development of the Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese characteristics. Compared with other regions, Hainan is more likely to accept talents from abroad. More scientific and technological talents will come to Hainan. It is easy to bring relevant technology and will also help us develop the product," he said.

Responsible editor: 刘娉
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